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Profile of Daniel Nicholas, A Top Nigeria Blogger, Internet Entrepreneur and Author

Daniel Nicholas, CEO, ShoutNaija
                                           EARLY LIFE, EDUCATION AND ACHIEVEMENTS

His full names are Daniel Nicholas Ekpebo, from Delta state of Nigeria. Daniel was born and brought up in Zuru Kebbi state, Nigeria. He was born in a christian home, not only was the Nigerian Blogger and Entrepreneur, Daniel Nicholas, parent Christians, but his dad is also a Minister with the Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria.

As the first child of his Family, Daniel was made to realize the responsibilty ahead of him by his dad at a very early age. Like most little children, Daniel Nicholas was very stubborn at his childhood age, infact that made his dad, Pastor Nicholas put more eyes on him.

He attended Emmanuel Baptist Nursery, Primary and Secondary school, Jarkasa, Zuru kebbi state  where he got his First Leaving School Certificate in 2005. He later proceed to Government Science College, zuru kebbi state, where he aquired his O'level Certificate in 2011. He is currently running his two degree programmes simultaneously at Ahmadu Bello University, zaria (ABU) and National Open University of Nigeran, NOUN.

Daniel became the Author of a motivational book at the age of 21 titled; "INNATE ABILITIES"
The young Nigeria Blogger is an Entrepreneur and motivational speaker.
He is the owner of,,, and

His favourite quote is "The mystery of life is only reveal to those that go extra mile, anxious and determined to know.".... Wow that's a powerful quote from Daniel Nicholas.

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I'm MightyDaniel, and I want to specially thank you for stopping by to read my on this article on my awesome Blog, I hope you enjoy reading here... Happy Comprehension!
Now, I'm sure you guys know better what Blogging is all about. On this article, I would summarize few tips for Beginers.

Bloggers are online journalist. This very defination should let you know who you're.
Some of the tips all New/Pro Bloggers must makesure they adhere to are listed and explained shortly below;

1. Get a good platform to blog from.
We have so many of them out there, but as much as they are lots out there you need to realize that they have their "pros" and "cons". The most reliable ones i will greatly recommend for you are "BLOGGER" & "WORDPRESS"

2. Get a good Niche to Blog from.
Oh yes! If you've read some post on this Blog, you would discover I explained "NICHE". But, for the benefit of those that are new here. It means the area or what exactly you are Blogging about. Some blog about Academics, Relationship, Entertainment and News, Religion, Government and Politics, Finance and Insurance, with many more... You choose base on your passion.

3. Connect your Blog to Google Analytic.
You and I know well that google is the number one internet company. You need to connect you blog to google analytic for daily analysis of your blog Traffic and where your visitors are exactly coming from.

4. Add your Blog on Alexa.
Alexa is a website where there are so many alogrithms use in measuring your site and giving you world ranking. It's the number one and most reliable. Infact, some Advertisers go there to fetch out top sites to advertise on.

for now, I would stop here... Wait! I'm tired of typing... we would continue with Part 2 soon! Don't forget to keep checking our Bloggers Help Post to boost your Blog.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Getting Google Adsense Approval With Ease

It has actually been long since I updated any post here. My sincere apology for that. This current post will cover much you've been missing on my BLOG.
Now, most Bloggers around thye world knows very well that the easiest means to earn online as a new/pro Blogger is through GOOGLE ADSENSE PROGRAMME. Although, this Programme is not easy to enroll and equally keep it safe. Well I'm not here for that. I'm actually here to tell you easy steps to get Google Adsense Approval.
Firstly, Adsense is not for Bloggers and not Online Copy & Paste. It's actually a Programme meant for people that spend mcuh of their good time producing rich contents. Most Bloggers in the world earning some cool reasonable amount with Google Adsense is as a result of personal dedication they've made on their Blogs.
You must therefore be ready to produce rich and profittable contents to your readers.
Make sure your Blog is having Direction. By direction I mean, must have a NICHE. You don't just fall into the Blogosphere and start dancing all around. You must Dance to a particular tune. So make sure you dance to the tune of your passion.
You must be willing to produce contents according to your NICHE.
Repair all grammatical errors on your Blog. Yes, you cannot tell me that, when you want to go for a Job interview, you present yourself before people that would screen you with unstructured English. You will fail the interview. So also Google Adsense, You are applying for a Job you know that.
You must be willing to tell Google Adsense Team that you are up to the task.
I will personally advice you from experience to apply for Google Adsense Programme with a Custom domain, not with a subdomain like,, and many more others. That presents you professional. Google Adsense are actually looking for smart partners and not dull dudes.
Make sure you have all fundamental features of a Blog/Website e.g. Privacy Policy, Contact Us, About us and as many as you wish. You know well that this tells Google Adsense that you mean Business.
Make sure you site don't contain copied materials, hack words, difficult navigation and too many photos without much contents.
Finally, apply when you Blog has obtained some substancial traffic and must have spent some months or years. Some countries is six while others has no limit, but in my own opinion, i will advice if you don't rush in applying...

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Adsense + Website Out for Sell...

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Spamming Social Medias Like Facebook Can Get Your Adsense Account Get Banned.

What makes you think most Google Adsense accounts get banned easily without apology from Google Adsense Team?

Few days ago, a very close dude was seriously complaining bitterly to me of what Google Adsense did to him, by banning his account with about $700+. To the lay man, that is pure wickedness... 

Let's look at it from this angle, many bloggers are not even interested in wether the click will be beneficiary to the Advertisers. All they demand for is a click. Well if you are such a person, you could likely be the next person to get google shocker! 

The fact that social medias such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp have a way of generating you traffic and also getting you site up on the search engines should not warrant you the epitome to spam in there. We have so many spam on Facebook in particular. Such traffic you feel, you generate from  Facebook groups and pages is not an organic traffic. Google respects organic traffic. Why don't you spend more time in generating something meaningful, work on SEO and lots of other stuffs to get real traffic, rather than joining facebook groups and spamming them, to feel you're BLOGGING... YOU ARE DOING NOTHING!!!

Some weeks ago, a close pal was also into such act, he discovered his earnings were fluctuating, I told him to stop it. of which he did. Just in 24hours his earnings became stable. Google expect you to know how much they take invalid clicks serious, so you should know your visitors. 

The bottom line here is, stop spamming social media and start creating original contents to generate organic traffic that would lead to nice earnings, than getting facebook traffic leading to too much invalid clicks... YOUR ADSENSE ACCOUNT COULD BE IN A GREAT DANGER BY DOING THAT...

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Simple Truths All Nigeria Bloggers Must Face For Success In Blogging!

Of a truth, this tips my seem awkward to some, while others might tend to overlook them, as they’ve seen, read and might have even applied things like these, yet nothing changes!
Well, it might interest you to know that these are the simple tips I use in getting my own AdSense account and also the AdSense accounts I sell to others get approved easily! Let’s begin
Nigerian Bloggers have failed to differentiate between a Blogger and a Quick

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Your Innate Abilities (Extracted from my Book INNATE ABILITIES)

There came a time in our lives when we had good visions and powerful dreams for the quality of life we desire and deserve to have. Yet, to so many